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first and foremost, welcome to We’re glad you’re here, and we hope our site will serve you as an informative and helpful resource for the extensive topic of trademark registration. Whilst we present you with a wealth of information online, we’re always happy to hear from you and discuss your trademark projects individually.

On our site, we explain exactly what makes trademark registration so important for new businesses, and show how simple and affordable it can be. Make sure to watch our videos for more details.

If you’re already well aware of the importance of registering a trademark, then great! We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get your trademark registered. All you have to do is contact us, then just leave it all to us. We’ll take care of the boring stuff while you concentrate on making your product great.

However, if you’re new to the topic, or simply looking for more information on why and how to register a trademark for your business, then please read on.


The importance of a trademark is not a new concept.

Over 200 years ago, companies discovered the need to protect their high-quality products against plagiarism. Trademarks were established. Consumers could now trust that a product bearing the marks of their favourite company would be authentic.

Nowadays, trademark registration is more important than ever. If you offer a new product or service, you will soon be surrounded by other providers offering the same or very similar versions. Strong competition results in low prices and low profit margins but high costs for marketing and advertising. A registered trademark allows you to have your product or service stand out from competition and become unique. Acquiring customers for a brand is easier than acquiring customers for a product. Look at Apple: customers are waiting in ridiculous queues to be sold a phone at exorbitant prices.


The way to recurring customers and success starts with registering a trademark.


Think of some of your favourite products and services. Most likely, you will now have a trademark name or logo in your mind. The same happens when you go shopping. You shopping list may just read “cookies”, but your subconscious mind has added your favourite trademark logo.

How often do you consider replacing your favourites? Hardly ever? If they notify you about a new product, a new flavour, a new service: are you likely to give it a try? Most people do, because people love that feeling of familiarity. Once customers are satisfied with a product, they associate all these positive feelings with the trademark. Seeing the Starbucks logo brings up the taste of that great new blend. Seeing the trademark of a fashion company lets you feel good looking,

These positive feelings linked to your trademark are a strong tier. Happy customers are unlikely to go elsewhere for a similar product or service. They are even unlikely to compare prices. This is known as brand loyalty and is vital for growing a business. Albeit, it only works if a unique and registered trademark allows your customers to identify and remember you.

The benefits of an outstanding trademark don’t stop there. In fact, they only get better! Well-known brands have the added benefit of reduced marketing costs. The better known a trademark is, the less you have to spend on advertising. Loyal customers will not only continue to buy your products, they’ll tell their friends and family too. These word-of-mouth referrals are the best sort of advertising a business can get, because:

  • It’s free advertising
  • It’s social proof that your business provides quality service


While a registered trademark is crucial to customer acquisition, there is another very good reason why it’s so important:


Investors love trademarks, too.

In the business world, securing finances to help you expand your business is imperative. For an investor to not only notice your company but also invest in it, they need to see that you’re following best business practices. This is another reason why trademark protection is all-important. If you’ve taken the initiative to trademark your business name, logo, and slogan at the earliest possible stage, investors will see this as a wise business move. Investors are keen to fund new ideas, but they’re afraid of losing money on amateurish partners. Showing a trademark registration is a clear statement of professionalism. And investors love working with professionals.


Registering your own trademark is simple and affordable.

Often, people are under the impression that trademarks are the privilege of large corporations. In fact, the opposite is true. Trademark registration is a tool for small companies and new businesses to make it big. How did Apple, Google, and Uber turn themselves into successful brands? They trademarked their names, slogans, and logos before launching their products and services.

Registering your trademark at the earliest opportunity is the greatest way to help you build your brand. That way, you can focus on refining your business into the best possible company – one people will love, keep returning to, and tell their friends about.


Don’t wait too long

The longer you put off your trademark registration, the more likely it is that someone else will copy your name or logo. If this happens, another company can sell a similar product or service to yours, but provide a substandard version. Consumers may not know the difference between your company and your inferior clone and may relate their poor service to your company. This situation is extremely harmful to every business, which is why it is always best to register your trademark as soon as possible.

While word-of-mouth referrals can help your company, they can also be your downfall. If people are mistakenly badmouthing your company after poor service from a second-rate clone, your trademark won’t be able to shine and grow the way you would like it to. Just as positive referrals can positively impact your growth, negative word-of-mouth has a negative effect, too. Bad news travels fast, so, unfortunately, once a trademark has developed a poor reputation, it’s difficult to recover from the negativity. As you are sure to have realised by now, registering your trademark at the earliest possible stage can help prevent this situation from impacting a business.


A competent team by your side

Here at, our friendly team of experts can provide you all the information required to start registering your trademark. We offer a free initial consultation and a thorough check of all of your desired marks. We can check if your mark (or anything similar) is already registered in another country and if there are any ambiguous or undesirable meanings in other languages. You’d be surprised at how often that happens!

Our experience has allowed us to help numerous businesses register their trademarks successfully. But not only that: our dynamic team has also prevented many young entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes such as registering a name that is too general, or which is potentially offensive in a foreign language.

When you contact us, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our friendly, no-pressure approach. If your ideas are a bit crazy, then even better! We want to hear from you. We offer you all the advice you need and conduct a thorough research process to check the viability of your trademark. Although we will make suggestions and recommendations for the next steps in your business venture, at no time are you obliged to sign up for any of our paid services.

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your desired trademark. We’re here to help you succeed because your success is our success. Simply fill out the contact form below to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!