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What is sustainable brand building?

Sustainable brand building helps Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups turn great ideas into long-term success. Now, that has been a very theoretical sentence. Let’s make that more tangible with an example. Let’s look at how sustainable brand building helped a $1300 startup grow to one of the world’s largest brands, whilst a large corporation failed as it was missing sustainable goals.

Sustainable brand building

That $1300 startup with a sustainable concept is Apple in the year 1976. The large corporation is NOKIA.

What makes Apple sustainable is that they ignore the typical short-term goals. Their products do not claim to be the best or the cheapest. They claim to be beautifully designed and simple to use. If we’re honest: that’s all we, the consumers, usually request. Apple’s promise is to constantly question the status quo. Think different. That promise revolutionized the computer industry, the music industry, the telephone industry and now the payment industry.

On the contrary, NOKIA decided to go for quickly measurable, short-term goals. They wanted to be the Number One. They wanted to sell more phones than any other provider. We all know what happened and if we’re honest, that was predictable. Nobody can be Number One for ever. Not in sports, not in business.

Sustainable brand building helps us identify long term goals and therewith reduces the pressure. Having a clear mission makes us incredibly attractive – not to all, but to the right people. Sustainable brands have loyal employees and loyal customers. Sustainable brands always have a decent profit margin.

We want you to find a sustainable path for your project and that is why we have created a free online course. All it takes is some hours of your time. Your reward is a new perspective. You will get rid of all the unnecessary stress, fear and doubts and become more effective.

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