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A/B Testing for Pitching

a/b testing

A/B Testing for Pitching

A/B testing is a method used to compare at least two variations of a product or process to determine which performs better. To be able to measure and justify the success of each variation, testers should identify key metrics beforehand. This can be the number of clicks, downloads, open rates, contacts, purchases, or something else entirely.
Although A/B testing is more commonly used for SEO and CRO, this testing strategy works just as effectively for pitching.
Yes, that’s right.
Running an A/B test on your pitch can give you a clearer idea on what works on investors and what doesn’t. It helps you understand your target group and customize your pitch to grab – and hold – their attention.
So what should you test?
There are various elements of your pitch that you can test to see which performs better. Here are the main variables you should be testing.

Have Different People from Your Team Pitch (Using the Same Script)

No two people will deliver a pitch in the exact same way. Inconsistencies in tone, voice, posture, eye contact, speaking rate, and body language may all play a part in how well your pitch is received by the audience. But of course, this is only a presumption that you need to test.
Rather than have the same person pitch at every event, get different members from your team to pitch. The purpose of this test is to see whether the person who is pitching plays a decisive role.
Furthermore, make sure everyone that pitches uses the exact same script. This will ensure results are valid and reliable.

Have the Same Person from Your Team Pitch (Using a Different Script)

This A/B testing variation is the opposite of the one above. Here, you should test different scripts, but have the same person pitch.
By different script, we mean the order in which you present information, the questions addressed, the length of the pitch, the level of detail, and the tone and language used when speaking.
For instance, different pitches can be:
• Fact based
• Personalized
• Vague and condensed
• Driven by emotion
• Controlled and serious
Switch up your script by changing your presenting style. In one script you can start off your presentation by introducing yourself and your startup, while in another you can begin with an inspiring quote relevant to your niche. Observe how – and whether – it affects the results of your pitch.
Nonetheless, once you set your mind on a script – stick to it. Make sure the speaker does not stray away from their script or else the results will not be reliable. Finding out which script performs better means you can create the perfect script later on.

Experiment With Different PowerPoint Presentations

How you prepare your PowerPoint presentation may also influence how investors perceive your startup idea. You need to find the right ingredients to create your perfect PowerPoint presentation. This means experimenting with different elements within your presentation, such as:
• Text
• Color
• Fonts and size
• Placement of text
• Graphs and charts
• Background images
Determining which type of presentation showcases your startup in the best light is extremely important. In fact, your presentation may very well be the decisive factor as to whether or not an investor decides to invest in your idea. Or it may be the trigger needed to persuade investors to invite you to a one-on-one meeting to discuss your idea further.

Show Investors Your Product

Another way you can use A/B testing for pitching is to decide how you present your product to investors. Specifically, should you present your product visually, physically, or both? You can try a couple of variations of this test.
In one version of your pitch, you can add pictures, screenshots, or instructional videos to your presentation. But in another, you can actually give investors the chance to try out your product first-hand – if possible of course. Letting investors interact with your product may increase the impact your product has on them.
Plus, it’s interesting to note if the way you present your product actually makes a difference to the overall success of your pitch.

Final Say

Running A/B tests for pitching is a great way to gain a better understanding of your target audience, fine-tune your pitching strategy, and secure funding for your startup idea.
Take the guesswork out of your pitch and start planning for A/B testing. You’ll be amazed to see how your target audience responds to different pitches.

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