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How Daily Digital Detox can save us from burnout and madness

How Daily Digital Detox can save us from burnout and madness

Summary: In this article, I’ll be sharing some information with you about Daily Digital Detoxing. It’s a new hip culture that states we should detox from electronic devices on a daily basis, not just during holidays. The online presence we have to put up with can get in the way of our personal life more often than we care to admit. Doing a daily digital detox, even for just an hour or two, can change our lives for the better, keep us away from burnout and save us from madness.

The demand for digital detox is growing. More and more of my friends tell me they will be unavailable during their vacation as they will use it for a week of digital detox. No social media, no 24/7 availability. They all report unanimously how great that was and how much more they could enjoy their holidays. Naturally, I tried that myself and had to join the unanimous praise. It was indeed terrific to live in the moment and not for a selfie. Yet, once I was back home, it started all over again. That was until I read about Daily Digital Detoxing.

What’s in for us if we detox from electronic devices just 1 or 2 hours every day?

  1. We become healthier
  2. We become happier
  3. We become more creative
  4. We sleep better
  5. We feel better

There are numerous studies that reveal more great and positive effects Daily Digital Detoxing has on our body and mind. Those five, however, seem to apply to everybody who integrates a daily detox into his agenda.

It all breaks down to stress relief

From my own experience, I can confirm, the stress relief we gain from just 2 hours of Daily Digital Detox is astonishing. Even if we’re using our phones to play or chat with friends, it does keep our mind extremely busy. For years, I started my day by turning off the alarm on my phone and – as I already had it in my hands – checking new messages. I ended my day by checking messages one last time and setting the alarm for the next day. During the day, I was either on a phone, a tablet or a computer. During sport, I plugged in my headphones and listened to music. There were only a few minutes every day I was not giving my attention to some electronic device. Two hours meant a great difference and helped me reduce my stress level and find a calm daily routine.  

A daily routine to a healthier life

People are always talking about how great it felt to detox from their devices and gadgets when they were away for holidays. Why do we not allow us to keep up this great feeling every day? When our mind’s resources are only able to cover so much, like work, personal life, issues of any sorts, why are we not doing a Daily Digital Detox in order to help the mind nourish our bodies and spirits the way it should be doing?

It’s simple to do a digital detox on a daily basis. We don’t need long, tedious books to learn how to do it. Just pick one or two hours each day during which, no matter what, your electronic devices are off or simply away from you. You don’t touch your phone, tablet, Kindle, computer, TV set, nothing. Everything is put on silent or simply shut down. There’s no ringing, no notification sounds, buzzings, alerts, not even vibrations.

Always being online is the burden we don’t need

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, just to name the usual suspects, are all specifically designed with one scope in mind: keeping us online. The more we stay online and use them, the more money they make. But not only that. The devices we’re using are also designed to keep us using them for long periods of time.

According to a Business Insider piece, Silicon Valley schools are actually raising their kids without tech, so they can be more creative. While millions upon millions of kids are addicted to their devices, the people that work on creating these gadgets ban them from their children.

We are so used to being online all the time, can we really be offline? Let me say it Barack Obama’s words: Yes, we can!

We can read

Statistics show that successful people read more than 50 books in a year. If this sounds like a call to get into a reading competition, you’re probably right. The truth is, it’s not about how many books you’ll read this year, but the actual act of sitting down, detaching from everything and everyone and just read. You can read both books that you love, as well as magazines, for example. I enjoy reading The New Yorker, amongst other things.

We can meditate

Oprah Winfrey or Yuval Noah Harari are just two outstanding people praising the power of meditation. Ironically, there is a boom of meditation apps and I simply have to mention them. I tried meditating again and again for years and it never worked until I tried Headspace. Luckily, after about a month I was able to meditate without the app.    

We can do sport

It’s a fact. Sport helps us to reduce stress and keeps us healthy. Until last year, I used to put my headphones in, listen to my music and isolate myself from the world during gym time. Then, one day, the batteries of my headphones were dead and I had no music to listen. At first, that was awkward and I was about to quit the gym for the day. Yet, after a while, I noticed how much more relaxing it is not to bombast my brain with music. I warmly invite you to give that a try.

We can be creative

Creativity is one of the things that we lose while we’re on electronic devices. During our detox hours, we can take a pen and some paper and draw something. We can take our guitar and play some notes. We can write a short story. The important thing to achieve here is the feeling of us being creative. We should let the creativity flow. It will make us feel alive, well and rested, physically and mentally.

What’s the best time of the day to run our Daily Digital Detox?

The best time is to stop using electronic devices 2 hours before we go to bed. This comes with a ton of positive side effects. I’ll best show how it changed my routines for the better.

  • I plan going to bed at 10 pm, so I turn off all my electronic companions at 8 pm.  
  • Last minute emails are answered with a short reply that I’ll get to them the next business day.
  • The next two hours let me calm down. I go for a nice walk with my dog and I actually am with my dog, not with a playlist.
  • I read again, something I always loved but almost stopped.
  • I started writing, with a real pen on real paper.
  • By 10 pm I’m calm and relaxed. I turn off the lights and fall asleep within minutes.
  • The next day I’m full of energy.
  • I’m in a better mood.
  • I’m more creative.
  • I’m more resilient.
  • I’m more effective in my work.  

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